Project Request

Project Request

The curriculum for the fall semester of St. Charles County CAPS is facilitated by our instructors through relevant problem-based projects provided by business partners.  This provides our CAPS associates with relevant industry experience through a professional environment.

Do you have a project that is not mission critical?  Or maybe a project on the bottom of your list that you haven’t had the time or manpower to tackle?  CAPS associates can work on your project as no cost.

To get started, complete a project request form.  Tell us what needs you have and the CAPS instructor will work to match your project with a qualified CAPS associates.  Our CAPS associates will work in a team on the project with guidance and support from the CAPS instructor and mentors, and you will be the client.  As the client, you will need to meet with the CAPS team assigned to your project regarding progress and provide feedback after the project completion.

Having CAPS associates engaging in client projects is key to the program model.  We want our CAPS associate to solve real problems with industry tools, while being mentored by real employers.  We want to develop our CAPS associates’ professional skills – communication, collaboration/teamwork, time management, project management, critical thinking, creativity, and professionalism.  One of the best ways to improve these skills is through client projects.

Click here to complete the Project Request Form.

You can see examples of Client Projects under the Courses tab as well.

What makes a great project?

  1. Important, but not the company’s top priority
  2. Access to the necessary data and expertise
  3. Supportive business sponsor
  4. Project Management support
  5. Relevant and interesting to the students
  6. It’s real
  7. Outcomes that will be visible
  8. Prime for exploration

Examples of CAPS associate services for client projects:

Global Business/Entrepreneurship:

  • Social media marketing plans, design and development
  • Lead Generation
  • Non-profit Assistance and Fundraising
  • Basic Website Development
  • Price Strategy
  • Market Research/Present Findings
  • Brand Development, Identity, and Management Plan
  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Event Planning and Management
  • PR/Advertising Strategy Development
  • Product Selling and Promotional Planning

Technology Solutions – Creative Media:

  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • 2D & 3D animation
  • Social media
  • Website Development
  • Creative consulting
  • Video production
  • Multimedia reporting

Technology Solutions – IT:

  • Mobile device applications
  • Game design for brand promotion
  • Simple software/engineering in various languages
  • Simple Backend and/or Database Applications
  • Database setup and analysis