Becoming a Mentor

Becoming A Mentor

St. Charles County CAPS associates benefit greatly by interacting with business partner mentors. Mentors provide encouragement and are available to answer questions on topics such as projects, career exploration, college, etc.

We ask that each mentor be available to visit with the CAPS instructor and associates at least once at the host facility to determine the best mentor/mentee plan.  After a plan is established, student associates set up at least one face-to-face meeting with their mentor early in the semester, and a minimum of one more face-to-face meeting by the last month of the term.

It is encouraged that students will take full advantage of a mentor’s willingness to share their wisdom and time, and be able to meet or communicate by email more frequently.  The students who have benefited the most from a mentoring relationship are the ones who meet regularly with mentors and ask questions regarding their business and project plans, career explorations, and other life choices they are making right now.

If you would like to serve as a mentor, click here to complete the Mentor Application.